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B2B Marketplace Portal – The New Era Of e-Commerce Sales

Even so, many sales reps continue to write orders using paper forms. Here you will read about the  B2B marketplace portal. Some of them already use digital systems like Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, but they are inefficient compared to new TECHNOLOGIES. Dependence on these methods is becoming increasingly problematic in a highly COMPETITIVE environment. Manufacturers and distributors who seek to maximize business must bet on new technologies developed for the industry, since these can completely revolutionize the way it is sold in the B2B marketplace.

Traditional systems for GENERATING orders

Traditional manual data entry systems have a common risk like human error. Errors in typing, illegibility, and misplaced forms are just a few of the risks inherent in manual ordering. In addition, these methods can mean an enormous amount of time and money invested and lost. When sales representatives are on the field or at a fair, for example, filling out forms manually can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

Another point is the expense with the printing of paper catalogs that often become obsolete quickly. These shortcomings of the traditional method prevent sales representatives from providing superior customer service, which is an important differential for B2B companies.

New B2B Marketplace Portal

Now manufacturers and distributors have access to a set of new order management systems. Paper forms have been sidestepped, and mobile digital systems have come in, allowing representatives to issue orders on their tablets and smmartphones, wherever they may be. And the best: there are solutions that synchronize these orders directly with back office systems continuously.

This information synchronization is not just an exit action. Back-office data, such as product or price updates, new customer information, and stock levels can be synchronized with the mobile devices of the representatives in the field. An effective sales management system should present any relevant information that a representative needs to enter into a sales meeting with a customer.

Benefits Of B2B e-Commerce

Even though some clients insist on the rep’s visit, maintaining a virtual store still shows a beneficial action for the company. Catalogs of digital products, for example, may be to show product characteristics that would not be seen in a paper catalog. Plus, having a good catalog (with high-resolution, multi-angle photos that can extend to product use videos) the rep will not need to carry a suitcase full of samples to showcase their products. With a good online store, sales representatives can present their products as effectively as the retailers themselves in a physical store. Just have a tablet in hand.

Lastly, the adoption of mobile order management software also tells customers and competitors that your company is relevant and modern. Sales representatives using modern systems can receive orders faster and more efficiently while reducing order processing costs.

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