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Toothache Receding Gums Treatment Naturally

Having toothache is a condition that really causes agony. It is described as discomfort or pain with soreness around or within the tooth signifying irritation and possible infection which may or may not have any abscess. This mostly affects the pulp chamber that has the tiny blood vessels and nerve ending of the tooth.  Toot pain and receding gums treatment naturally. This condition of tooth pain may develop at times that you least expect it. Thus, having knowledge regarding some remedies to relieve the pain is very important. Visit a dentist is an unavoidable thing, but some remedies can offer instant relief brought about by this condition.


Receding gums treatment naturally

One among the easiest cure to relieve tooth pain is to apply an icepack in the affected area. Wrap the ice in a piece of soft cloth and placed in the cheek against the area of pain, or directly on the tooth that is affected. The ice will smooth and will ultimately numb the mouth which provides instant relief to the tooth. But beware that the contact of the ice with the affected area should only be kept for a minimum of twenty minutes and then remove it. Place it back again after some few minutes.

Massage Earlobe

Another instant tooth cure that eliminates the throbbing pain is to massage your earlobe or your hand simply. You may find this very counter-intuitive, but it actually worked too many people. If the affected tooth is on the right side, you have to massage the right earlobe or the hand. If the ache is on the left side of the mouth, massage also the left earlobe or the left hand. This is because of the presence of different pressure points in the body. Gently massaging the exact spot will definitely relieve the pain on the tooth. Few minutes after performing the self-massage, you will begin to feel the relief that it brings.

Effective Cure Peppermint

Tea made out of peppermint is also another effective cure to painful tooth. What you need to do is too steep at least one teaspoon of peppermint leaves that were dried into boiling water. Allow it there for twenty minutes more to extract the juice. Strain the leaves and leave it to until it is already lukewarm. Use the tea as a mouth rinse, swishing it around the mouth especially in the affected area for a couple of seconds before you spit it out. Repeat this process as needed. If you do not want to use it as a gargle, then, you can just get a small amount of the extract or the leaves of the peppermint and directly applied it on the gum area that is affected.  The tea slightly numbs the mouth which will help in alleviating the pain. There are peppermint bags that are available in the market or on health store that can be used if you were not able to find dried leaves of peppermint.

Clove Oil

Perhaps the most popular home toothache cure is the clove. The latter is one spice that is known for its many medicinal properties which are very widely used. The oil from this glove provides immediate relief for the pain in the tooth by numbing the gum area that is affected having direct contact with it. Clove oil is proven very effective as many dentists also use it and serve as their topical anesthetic. In many studies, this oil or any gel containing it were found out to work just as effective as Benzedrine regarding reducing pain.

To use this, get a piece of clean cotton and put in it few drops of the oil. Place it directly on the painful tooth. You may also opt to directly put the drops on the tooth or dilute it if necessary. If it happens that you do not have the oil, you can crush a whole clove, deep them on a warm honey to temper the flavor, and chew it to the tooth that is having a problem. Keep it in tight contact so that the juices will be relieved and its natural analgesic nature cures the pain.

Pepper And Vinegar

Another old folk yet an effective cure for the pain in the tooth are the use of pepper and vinegar. To do this, you have to cut a check size paper then soak it in the vinegar. After it was already properly soaked, sprinkle some pepper on one side. The peppered area of the paper should be placed on the side of the cheek with the affected tooth. Secure the paper with some clean bandage and leave it there for at least an hour or until you feel that the pain is subsiding.

These remedies are only some few the most commonly use at home when experiencing tooth pain and receding gums. You can try one or even combination of these remedies to dull the pain that you are feeling.  But should the symptoms are worsening are very persistent; it is still advisable to visit a dentist for it to be cured on time.

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