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What materials are suitable for a Staircases Sheffield?

Wood is still by far the most popular material; about 75% of people choose a wooden Staircases Sheffield. But glass, steel, aluminum, stone and concrete represent an increasingly larger market share. Each material has obviously its specific advantages and disadvantages.

Contemporary stairs


Wooden stairs and parapets are most popular because of their warm and natural look. The durability of wood is an undeniable asset because stairs are usually heavy traffic.

Wooden stairs might require more maintenance than other materials, but you can reduce maintenance by using customized products. By rubbing with a nourishing product, the wood regularly stays at least in top form. Oil gives the wood a contemporary and natural view and varnish can give the wood a matt, satin or gloss effect.

Another advantage of wooden Staircases is that they are usually less expensive as compared to other materials in stages. A possible drawback of wooden Contemporary stairs are that they crack. But there are now well-functioning solutions. You can choose to enter into plywood or glued laminated timber. That works better and not catches more tensions.


Staircases Sheffield in metal fit nicely in a contemporary, sleek interior. Just about every type of metal can be used for stairs: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Two major advantages of stairs that they are easy to assemble and maintain. In addition, the strength and durability is an undeniable advantage of stairs, especially if also the stringers are designed in steel.

An additional advantage of the strength of steel is that such steps have a bright visual impact on the interior. With relatively thin pipes and cables one makes an almost invisible, yet solid parapet. Steel does have one major drawback: the rust. If you opt for steel Staircases Sheffield, you can protect the stairs corrosion by galvanizing or metallization of the steel. Otherwise, we advise you to opt for stainless steel, but that metal is more expensive. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is guaranteed stainless and that it should therefore not be painted.


Glass as a material for Staircases Sheffield and railings are perfect in modern and contemporary architecture. Glass can be used in almost all parts, from the railing to the stairs and the landing. Glass can also be curved, thus allowing even more possibilities are created. Glass stairs are made by a combination of tempered glass and use. Laminated glass both types of glass should not only to beautify but also to protect.


Natural stone is by far the most expensive, but also the strongest and most durable material. Granite, marble, blue stone, white stone.  Both indoor and outdoor use given the weight of natural stone is a solid substructure required.

The price is high but varies greatly depending on the type of stone. For example, blue stone and marble cheaper than granite. The price can also be printed if the one under construction in concrete it executed.

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